Join Vision Trends

General Information

Why was Vision Trends Created?

Michael Toups and Dr. Douglas Inns (Optometrists) are the founding members of Vision Trends. Their goal is to take the experience they have had with older business models and franchises and incorporate all the good that they have to offer while eliminating all the negatives in the old way of doing franchise agreements with an “Independent Licensing Agreement”.


How is your cost of goods?

We think we can make them better. We will lower your cost of goods and make your practice more profitable.


By having developed unique and special pricing concessions, rebates and or discounts with many of the major Optical and business vendors. We are able to pass those benefits on to our business associates.

Benefits to you

  • The ability to achieve discounts and savings that are either not offered, or as a large, as a group of Organized-Independent Optometrists.
  • Our Annual Meeting brings you the latest savings from our best supporting vendors, with exciting venues.
  • FREE CE in many major cities, supported by our vendors and available several times a year.
  • FREE practice management and practice building meetings each year.

You will have the latest business information immediately.

We send out e-mails with great regularity, new pricing, new ideas, new business tips and new meetings including CE. consolidates all the important e-mails and communications that have been sent as well as our special group deals, discounts and CE/meetings. Patients can find you here and click-thru directly to your practice website.

Main areas of advantage

  • Lab: Zeiss, Hoya, Essilor
  • Frames & Contact Lenses
  • FREE CE in many major cities, supported by our vendors and available several times a year.
  • Business Practice Optimization: Office Depot, UPS, Merchant Services, Credentialing, Payroll Services and Health Insurance.

What you do not need to do

  • No need to change your name or operate under a trade name
  • You will still be solely responsible for the direction and control of your business. You will remain independent.
  • You have a free, no-fee opt out period at any time within the first 2 years of a 5 year agreement
  • No Co-Op marketing funding needed
  • No pressure on who to purchase from. That is always your choice.
  • Vision Trends is open to working with any vendor of your choice.